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New Refrigerated Trailers For Sale

German manufactured trailers, built to highest of standards. The strong construction of double web profiles is an optimum basis and guarantees a high level of stability. The sandwich construction ensures that no energy is lost, and the desired temperature is maintained in the compact single axel and the high volume double axel models. 

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Total Weight Payload Interior Length Interior Width Interior Height Loading Height Price

KK 2513/135 (15)

Refrigerated Trailer - Bockmann 1
1350kg 873kg 2470mm 1270mm 1500mm 545mm REQUEST

KK 2513/15 (15)

Refrigerated Trailer - Bockmann 1 v3
1500kg 1010kg 2470mm 1270mm 1500mm 555mm REQUEST

KK 2513/15 H

Refrigerated Trailer - Bockmann 1 v2
1500kg 963kg 2470mm 1270mm 2000mm 555mm REQUEST

KK 3015/20 H

Refrigerated Trailer - Bockmann 2
2000kg 1262kg 2970mm 1470mm 2000m 525mm REQUEST

KK 3015/27 H

Refrigerated Trailer - Bockmann 2 v2
2700kg 1948kg 2970mm 1470mm 2000mm 545mm REQUEST

KK 3018/20

Refrigerated Trailer - Bockmann 3
2000kg 1284kg 2970mm 1820mm 2000mm 525mm REQUEST

KK 3018/27

Refrigerated Trailer - Bockmann 3 v2
2700kg 1984kg 2970mm 1820mm 2000mm 545mm REQUEST

Robust Construction

Solid, reinforced, anodised aluminium frame, full-width steel longitudinal and cross beams and 40 mm sandwich panels with metal outer skin as roof and side walls ensure optimum insulation, robustness, weather resistance and colour stability.

Powerful cooling unit

Ensures rapid cooling of the load. The temperature display is located on the outside of the cooling unit for temperature control. Further highlights are the high performance evaporator and the 230 Volt power connection. A service hotline is available for first aid in case of warranty claims.

Clearance height

The KK-models are available with different clearance heights depending on the model series. The marking H describes the different heights.

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