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We stock spare parts for all our trailer models. Our specially trained staff will be happy to assist you with their assembly.

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SAS HD1 Wheel Clamp

SAS wheel clamp - 1211101 HD1 Wheelclamp 8
Insurance approved SAS Wheel clamp for your trailer or Caravan with Steel wheels
One-piece wheel clamp that covers a wheel nut, wraps around the wheel and locks securely in seconds. This wheel clamp boasts of a high security steel encased lock and twin locking mechanism for maximum security.

The HD1 Wheel clamp is a versatile wheel clamp designed to fit Steel Wheels with 10-15″ rims and up to 195mm tyre widths.


SAS FORT Fortress Hitch Lock

SAS Fortress Hitch Lock - 2110761 Fortress Hitchlock 6
Insurance Approved hitch lock completely covers hitch head and bolts.

Hitch lock will fit hitched and unhitched to prevent car and caravan being separated in car park or motorway service station.

The Fortress Hitch Lock fits Al-ko AK7, AK160, AK161, AK180, AK300 hitches and Able Cast and pressed hitch heads. Also fits some Winterhoff hitch heads, please see guide for full range.